How to achieve the perfect Brows!

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How to achieve the perfect eyebrow EVERYTME!!

We all know that the latest makeup trend has been sharp arched brows! But how can the average person accomplish thicker brows that are on fleek? Simple with these easy steps almost anyone can get perfect brows!

Things you will need.

Brow Pencil or Brow Powder with a thin angled brush

Liquid or creamy concealer

Concealer Brush

Brow Brush / Old mascara Brush… Got old mascara? Wash out the tube and clean the brush & let it air dry. Now you have a reusable/clean brow brush with a cover!

Watch our video for a visual How-To!


  1. Start with a clean face and apply a primer of your choice around the brow. This will hold your concealer in place all day long and will keep your brows looking sharp.
  2. Find a brow powder/pencil of your choice. For a more natural looking brow try using one shade darker than your root color. First we will be outlining your brows. With your product apply it in a straight line from the bottom corner in to and over your arch! (Over drawing is ok because we will be using a liquid concealer.)
  3. Draw your next straight line starting at where your arch starts down to the tail of your brow.
  4. So now that you have the underneath underlined we can start outlining the top. This line will be drawn on lighter to give your brow a natural look. With little product and a light touch, you will draw anther line from the top inner corner of your brow to the arch. (Over drawing is ok.)
  5. Your next line will start on the arch to the tail. You can start this just where the outline on your arch starts. Drag that line straight down to the tail.
  6. Now that we are all outlined we can start to color in any thin spots. Focus on the tail of your brow first and slowly with a light touch work your way towards the inner corner of your brow.
  7. After we have everything all colored in we can now smooth and blend the product in with our brow brush/old mascara brush. Start by brushing and blending the inner corners until smooth and then lightly brush over the tail of your brow to move the hair in to the correct places!
  8. It’s time to clean up all those lines! Take your liquid or cream concealer on your concealing brush and draw a straight line starting at the top of brow to your arch and over draw to erase lines. Continue this from the top of your arch straight down to your tail.
  9. The last step will finish off the look. It’s time to conceal the underneath of your brow giving it that sharp freshly waxed look. Using your concealing brush dab your concealer in starting on the inner corner dragging the product to the arch. Then do the same starting at the arch dabbing the product then drag it down to the tail. Now be sure to blend in the concealer well with your concealing brush.

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