A letter to our Clients

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Dear Client,

This letter is to inform you of some price changes that will go into effect as of April 15th, 2019. We have always tried to keep our service prices affordable for our clients & have taken great consideration with price adjustments & re-grouping of services. Along with the general cost of living, sometimes our cost of materials go up as well, and that has been a big factor in this decision to make these changes to our menu and services.

Our new menu will be more user friendly with easier to find services & will be easier to navigate with newly grouped services.

We have also added a few more services to the mix, including “re-touch” options for waxing clients, add-on services for massage including cupping therapy, and the arrival of our additional product and facial line, DERMALOGICA.

We want to give you, our client, this notice well in advance so that there are no surprises. We have already changed our prices on our Website & in our App so that you can view what the new prices will be come April 15th.

We know that many of you will have questions regarding this change, so below we have filled out a little Q & A to give you some more information.


Q: What if I have bought a gift card for a specific service or package for a gift for someone?

A: Gift cards purchased within the last year (from April 15, 2018 – April 15, 2019) will be honored for the service price it was purchased for. i.e. the gift card was purchased for a 60-minute spa body massage for $75 & was designated for that on the gift card slip, we will honor that gift card for the price the service was originally purchased for up until April 15th, 2020.

Q: Why have some services gone down in price?

A: We have tried to make a few services a little more friendly to our clients, especially some waxing services which require maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Our service excellence will still stay the same, we are just offering our clients a more affordable experience.

Q: Why did some massages only go up $2 and some went up $12?

A: This is one of the service groupings we had a tough time with. While trying to keep up with our competitors and getting input from our massage therapists, we realized that during massages the same amount of energy and effort goes into a spa body massage as does a deep tissue etc. We want to focus on you, and sometimes you need deeper work done on one area than the others. With this new re-grouping, our massage therapists can better serve you and your needs.

Q: If I purchase a series of services or a package before the price change goes into effect, will I have to pay the difference later?

A: Absolutely Not! In fact, we are encouraging our clients who regularly come in for services like facials & massages to purchase a Series now to save them the extra money! We want to be as straightforward with you as possible and will never try to hide any extra fees from you.



Silvana Dayspa & Salon

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