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Winter Skin Care Tips – Silvana

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Did you know that changing up your skin care routine during the colder winter months can help to keep your skin hydrated? During the colder months your skin can lose up to 25% of its ability to retain moisture. Other factors for dry skin can include our heat in our homes, long baths and hot showers.

Follow these winter skin care tips to help your skin get an energized winter glow!


Dry skin can build up on the surface of your skin making moisturizers harder to penetrate. Ask your skin care technician which kind of exfoliate is right for you!

Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove the dry & dead skin cells and help your moisturizer penetrate more deeply.

Learn more about what happens when you don’t exfoliate on the Yon-Ka Skin Care Blog!


When the weather gets colder, generally you start to wear more layers to help protect you from the cold. But often times your face is the part of your body most exposed to the cold, causing it to dry out and let moisture escape. Having the right moisturizer for your needs will help you to lock in moisture.

After cleansing and exfoliating, take a pea sized amount and dab it all over your face. Then go back and apply in a circular motion to encourage blood flow.

Learn if your skin is dry or just dehydrated on the Yon-Ka Skin Care Blog!

Come in for a free face consultation and let our knowledgeable technicians recommend the best skin care products for you!

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